12. 5. 2017

The building Rezidencia pri radnici has nearly completed rough construction. In these days we work on the concreting and reinforcement of the last 8th floor, at the same time they have been built the partition walls and windows have been installed on the lower floors.
70 % of all apartments are already sold.

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27. 2. 2017

The ceremonial gala evening took place in Košice with the finale of the evening — the award ceremony of the prizes "Košičan roka 2016".
General partner of the vote was the company CTR group through its project Rezidencia pri radnici.
The prize in the category "Personality" was given from the hands of Mr. JUDr. Martin Saučin to Mr Peter Gombita, Director of the non-governmental organization Oáza - nádej pre nový život.


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27. 1. 2017

Construction of the project proceeding according to plan. The underground floor is already completely concreted and now we are concreting the walls of the first and partly also of the second floor.
More than 85% of the apartments are sold now.

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9. 12. 2016

The company CTR group through its project Rezidencia pri radnici became the proud general partner of the survey "KOŠIČAN ROKU 2016".
The aim of the survey is to appreciate the personalities and entities who have achieved extraordinary results during the year 2016 and made most important activities in favor of Kosice and its residents. The gala evening with the announcement of the winner will be held on 25. 2. in the Kunsthalle of Kosice.

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26. 7. 2016

In July we signed a contract with the chosen general constructor – Chemkostav company.
Although the construction will be completely finished in the fourth quarter of 2017, two thirds of apartments are already sold.

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15. 6. 2016

We have prepared a virtual tour of a type two room apartment of the project Rezidencia pri radnici in Kosice for you. Thanks to the virtual tour you can view the whole apartment and enjoy views of terrace from the comfort of your home and you can gain an inspiration for arranging your new habitation.

For start the tour click HERE: http://www.priradnici.sk/en/gallery/virtual-tour

6. 6. 2016

Works on the project "Rezidencia pri radnici" continue with an excavation and formwork of the construction pit. In the next few days will begin the installation of piles. Although more than 180 flats are already sold, there are still plenty left to choose from. Take a look here: PRICELIST.

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4. 5. 2016

Preparation for the construction pit proceeding according to plan.
The number of available apartments disappears very quickly - just 176 apartments have already been sold. If You want to live in sight from the center of Kosice, do not hesitate and make an appointment with one of our sale managers today.

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2. 3. 2016

On Monday 29th of February Ján Horváth - CEO of the real estate of CTR Group - was a special guest of broadcasting in Košice´s local TV station Naša. The topic of conversation was primarily real estate project Residence pri radnici and the real estate market in Kosice.

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24. 3. 2016

In total 160 apartments have been sold in 6 months, it is representing 60 % of all apartments offered for sale. Thank you for your great interest.
If you have not chosen your apartment yet, you can do so here: http://www.priradnici.sk/en/pricelist

18. 2. 2016

Yesterday took place the grand opening of our new customer center of the project with the participation of the media and many prominent guests. The new customer center is located on the street Nerudova 9 (entrance from the street Štúrova) directly across the Business Center Košice.
Our clients can see – on the area of 100 m² – a samples of all equipment of the apartment, fully equipped bathroom cubicle or a 3D model of the project.

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